Delux M618mini wireless mouse blue (M618MP)

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The new product from the company Delux M618mini Vertical is among the top mice combining modern design and practicality. With a mouse that has been developed as a priority to reduce muscle load, pressure on the cervical spine and wrists, but above all on the carpal tunnel, you will create the correct working position and be able to work much longer and with greater comfort. Thanks to this adjustment, the tension in all your muscles will be reduced by up to 13%, which will affect your performance and productivity.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The Delux M618mini wireless mouse has 6 buttons including a scroll wheel. The left and right mouse buttons are controlled by the index and middle fingers. The scroll wheel can be used for navigation and can be controlled with the index or middle finger. The thumb controls the forward and back buttons. The button for additional DPI settings is located above the mouse thumb. The mouse keeps the arm in a natural position and minimizes the risk of developing consequences from long-term use of the computer mouse.

Specification: wireless + Bluetooth computer mouse Delux model M618mini blue M618MP. (M618MP)

Product benefits:

  • only originals from the manufacturer Delux
  • very quiet buttons
  • horizontal mouse hold, natural hand position
  • right-handed use
  • can be switched between Bluetooth and Wifi
  • button for adjustable DPI
  • very easy to control
  • RGB strip
  • minimizes the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome damage and RSI
  • support of the shoulder muscles and the muscles of the entire hand
  • reliability: 98%

Technical specification:

  • for palm size: Medium
  • dual connection: Bluetooth 4.0 + wireless 2.4GHz
  • sensor technology: optical
  • range: max. 10 m
  • power supply: rechargeable Li-polymer battery
  • charging cable length: 135 cm
  • power cable type: USB-C
  • battery capacity: 1000mA
  • resolution: 800 / 1000 / 1600 / 2400 DPI
  • working current: <25mA
  • acceleration: up to 10G
  • voltage: 3.7V
  • installation: Plug & play
  • number of buttons: 6, including scroll wheel, forward and backward functions
  • use: right-handed
  • color version: blue
  • dimensions: 103 x 89 x 69 mm
  • material used: ABS
  • supported OS: Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10, Mac and later
  • package contents: vertical mouse, USB miniature receiver, charging cable

Palm size chart:



ABS, or Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene, is a relatively new, extremely strong and tough plastic with high resistance to pressure shocks even at low temperatures, crack propagation and abrasion resistance. Furthermore, this material resists atmospheric influences, UV radiation and has a high attenuation coefficient (sound dampening). A big advantage is its extremely low thermal conductivity, so insulation is not necessary, which predetermines this material for use in cold and air-conditioned spaces. The proportions can vary from 15-35% acrylonitrile, 5-30% butadiene and 40-60% styrene by weight.

Additional parameters

Category: Ergonomic mice
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0.15 kg
Backlight: Yes
Color: Blue
Mac: Mac & Windows
Connection: Bluetooth + Wireless
Parameters: 2400DPI
Technology: Optical



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MS Avatar of author | 05/11/2021
Myš je super. Používám ji už 4 měsíce a už nechci jinou.
PP Avatar of author | 16/09/2021
Maximálně spokojená :)
JP Avatar of author | 30/06/2021
myška běhá nádherně, škoda že nemá bezdrátové nabíjení jako mobil!
RN Avatar of author | 26/06/2021
Myš je úžasná, nejlepší co jsem měla.
VH Avatar of author | 04/09/2020
Koupeno na kancelářskou práci pro paní účetní, která má bolesti zápěstí. Paní je po pár dnech nadšená, objednával jsem jí druhou stejnou k soukromému PC domů. Vzhledově je myš pěkná, funkční na 100%, nemám k produktu žádnou výhradu.

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